Short Film, is it right for me?

A candid, compelling short story of your wedding day

Rich audio and video footage come together to share your celebration unfolding in 10 seamless Minutes. Our short wedding Films are all about thoughtfully stitching together audio and video into an engaging story that shares the essence of your day as naturally as it unfolded. From beautiful anecdotes captured during speeches to candid laughter and the clinking of glasses expect a collection of snippets, scenes, and sounds that transports you right back to the magic of the day...and maybe even moves you to tears.

What you get…

A Film documenting the emotions of your celebration roughly 10 minutes in length.

  • Professionally shot in 4K
  • 2 videographers for the day
  • Edited with a focus on conveying the emotions of your day.
  • Color adjustments.
  • Corrected audio, and light-hearted music
  • Audio elements woven in throughout (i.e., snippets from your exchanging of vows, reception speeches)
  • Typically delivered within 2 months of your wedding date

Why you’ll love it...

Longer than a highlight Film but far shorter than a feature wedding Film, a short Film allows you to relive and revel in all of the joy and emotions of your day in an approachable, immersive 10-minute format. Each typically includes guests arriving, the walk down the aisle, ceremony formalities, photoshoots, the first dance, and cake cutting as well as guests mingling and dance floor fun.  We pay special attention to seamlessly weaving together audio elements and music to craft a layered, cohesive, and compelling story of your wedding day.

Turning life’s best moments
into lasting magic begins right here

No two couples are alike... two wedding Films should be, either

With four different wedding Film types and raw-footage-only options to choose from it’s our absolute honor to help you document and relive your wedding day in a way that works for you. Use the contact form below to reach out for your customizable short Film quote—or, if you’re interested in a lengthier wedding Film that incorporates vows and speeches in full, browse information about our feature Films.
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