Teaser Film, is it right for me?

Super short and polished to perfection

Enjoy and share the essence of your celebration in 60 powerful seconds. Our teaser wedding Films are all about honestly capturing the energy and emotions of your day in one super-short piece that packs a powerful punch. Think of our teaser Films as the trailer of your wedding you’ll want to watch again…and again…and again.

What you get…

  • A short, impactful glance at your wedding day, up to 60 seconds in length
  • Professionally shot in 4k
  • Color adjustments and light-hearted music
  • Typically delivered within 1 week after the wedding or 1 week before the Main Feature Film

Why you’ll love it...

Endless attention spans and an incredible amount of digital storage aren’t necessary with these fast-paced, fun-to-watch wedding Films, making them ideal for sharing on social media or sending to friends and Family. The best part? Short on time doesn’t mean short on entertainment, each teaser Film is a carefully curated collection of one wedding-day highlight chasing another for a big impact in a brief amount of time.

Couples like you are loving their teaser films.

What Our Couples Say

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