Highlights Film, is it right for me?

The best-and-brightest moments from your wedding day

Relive the day’s most magical highlights in 5- 7 immersive, engaging minutes.

Our highlight wedding Films showcase the absolute best bits of your wedding day in a way that’s candid, compelling, and designed to communicate the true essence of your celebration. From the larger-than-life laughs to the emotional moments that moved you and yours to tears expect a high-quality, thoughtful Film that encompasses the day’s most meaningful memories in a fresh, fun-to-watch format.

What you get…

  • A Film documenting the very best bits of your wedding day, roughly 5-7 minutes in length
  • Professionally shot in 4K
  • 2 videographers for the day (with two camera angles set up at your ceremony and reception)
  • Edited  in-house for an amazing Final product.
  • Ambient audio (think: the clinking of glasses and laughter), color adjustments, and light-hearted music.
  • The Film will tell your days’ story in mostly chronological order for an effortless Flow
  • Typically delivered within 2 months of your wedding date

Why you’ll love it...

From stunning location shots and that all-important walk down the aisle to your vow exchange, cake cutting, and first dances a highlight Film allows you to rewatch, relive, and easily share online the once-in-a-lifetime moments that made your wedding. Beaming with emotion and energy, they shine a spotlight on the day’s brightest bits, allowing those special slices in time to live on forever.

High praise for our highlight films from couples like you.

Telling your story is kind of our thing...
...and we have plenty of ways of doing so

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